Drozdy Rites of Spring 2012


DRØZDY is the name of the band. It was formed in New York City in 2007. At the core of the group is a duo of Soviet born-and-bred Americans: Alex Kustanovich and Vadim Moldovan. They came from the distant world of the United Soviet Socialist Republics (СССР) with the cultural heritage of a fallen empire which they synthesized with the American experience.

DRØZDY is a critically acclaimed New York music phenomenon in the genre of Syncretic Existential Rock (SER). The songs of DRØZDY are windows into the soul of a postmodern man. Most of the songs are in Russian, some in English, every one of them spans the chasm between the Soviet era and the postmillennial America.

DRØZDY is a cultural phenomenon which draws its creative energies from integrating the English and Russian narratives, American and Soviet cultures. Dense lyrics in Russian and English speak of the post-modern existential angst and dialectic transcendence. Haunting melodies are strangely evocative of the Soviet pop and American ballad. Drozdy roost on the cultural crux.

ДРØЗДЫ уже на протяжении трех лет услаждают слух и будоражат умы поклонников в Нью Йорке и за рубежом великого города. Песни Дроздов разнообразные по стилю и содержанию - зеркало души, взращенной в советском обществе и пересаженной на американскую почву. В песнях Дроздов нет ни заимствования, ни подражания. Отзывы с предыдущих концертов - от недоуменных до восторженных.


Vocals: Alex Kustanovich, Vadim Moldovan
Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Accordion: Alex Kustanovich
Guitar: Dean Bailin
Bass: Vadim Moldovan
Percussion: Eldon Simms

All songs written by Vadim Moldovan & Alex Kustanovich
Songs arranged by Dean Bailin of Four Cats Studio
Conceptual, ideological, and technical support: Joseph Safronovich
Website: Gene London
DRØZDYART: Michael Taranov
Administrative support: Victoria Bach and Anna Shevel

DRØZDY are supported and encouraged by Blavatnik Family Foundation.

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